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Fundraising tips for small NGOs: tip #1

One of my plans for this blog is to share fundraising tips and (hopefully) pearls of wisdom on fundraising for small NGOs based on my experience to date. In an overcrowded charity market, where thousands of worthy causes are clamouring after limited donor pounds/dollars/euros, it is very hard for small charities to compete with large, well-known brands. They need to focus their energies on the fundraising areas which will bring in the resources they need – but this is no mean feat!   So my first tip is: “Don’t treat fundraising as an add-on or you won’t find time for it” – fundraising should be at the heart of what you do, not an after-thought. Many people start charities with a great idea then hope for the best when it comes to funding it. If you are not happy talking about money, or thinking of ways to secure it, don’t start a charity at all!   In my next blog I will give my second tip and build on how you can put fundraising in the heart of your cause so that your work can become sustainable right from the very start.

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