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Fundraising tips for small NGOs: tip #2

My first tip was: “Don’t treat fundraising as an add-on or you won’t find time for it”. But how you can put fundraising in the heart of your cause so that your work can become sustainable right from the very start? Linked to this question, my second fundraising tip is “Focus on a handful of quality relationships rather than spreading yourself too thinly”. Do you have one or two key funders who really believed in your vision and backed you from the start? Value them and look after them! Many businesses focus the majority of their time and budget on acquiring new customers, rather than on retaining their existing ones. Yet studies show it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one! Charities should learn from this. If you are busy and/or do not have any dedicated fundraising staff, concentrate on keeping your funders on side through regular contact and reporting, and be honest and transparent with them. Not only will this increase their loyalty – it is likely that they will back you with more funds the next time you ask them, and they will also recommend you to their peers.

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